Supercharge your Automated Business Processes with Einstein Discovery

Bharadwaj Tanikella
3 min readOct 29, 2020


Businesses have evolved to a point where their processes could be condensed to a precise operational flow. To automate these flows and processes, Salesforce offers Lightning Flows and Process Automation Tools.

Lightning Flow is a Lightning Platform service that empowers any business to create and extend the power of process automation to customer or employee experience. The lightning flow offers low-code, easy drag-and-drop functionality to drive innovative customer experiences and help drive efficient business workflows. Anyone can declaratively build and embed component-based processes, Lightning fast.

But wait, Why stop there? Why not supercharge these business processes with Einstein Discovery Predictions?

Introducing Predict Function in the Winter ’21 Release

The All-New Predict Function!

In the Winter ’21 Release, we made the new Predict Function Generally Available! With this all-new Predict Function, one can embed predictive intelligence into the Business Process Automation declaratively!

What is Einstein Discovery?

Einstein Discovery allows users to understand and analyze their data through clicks. From a dataset, a user can create a Story, which allows the user to understand their data through statistical analysis combined with detailed explanations. A Story with Predictive Analysis creates a Machine Learning model with the story. Users can easily deploy this model to enable their Salesforce organization with AI-powered predictions. The model could be used for predictions across Salesforce, either as predictions on record pages or using the amazing Prediction Service to take these predictions elsewhere. Through the seamless process of understanding data, the robust pipeline to deploy Machine Learning Models, and have it be visible, actionable Einstein Discovery can add immense value to any organization.

Where can I use the Einstein Discovery Predictions?

The predictions are currently available across multiple Products in Salesforce.

All the products listed above are GA and can be used with EA Plus License.

Where can I use the Predict Function?

The new Predict Function can be used in the following Products:

  • Next Best Actions
  • Validation Rules
  • Screen, Headless, and Invocable Flows
  • Workflows + Process Builders
  • Approval Processes
  • Predefined Field Values
  • Field Update Actions
  • Default Values

How does it work?

Einstein Discovery Prediction requires two main components to calculate a prediction, a Model, and an Input row. In this case, Predict Function will take in the following inputs:

  1. Prediction Definition — Prediction Definition deployed from the Story.
  2. Input Rows — Input Row to get the Prediction. [Record Id OR Key/Value Pairs]
PREDICT(PredDefId, [recordId] | [field, value, ...])PredDefId   --> Required --> Prediction Definition Id
recordId --> Optional --> Salesforce Record Id
field,value --> Optional --> Field Value Pairs.
Valid Pairs:
PredDefId + recordId
PredDefId + [field,value, ..]

Find out More:

Sample Usage of the Predict Function:

Here are a couple of instances of the usage of the Predict Function.

Predict Function on Approval Process:

With Predict Function on the Approval Process, we easily integrate Predictive Intelligence in the way Salesforce records get approved.

Sample Function:

PREDICT( $SmartDataDiscovery.PredictionDefinitions.Predicted_Likelihood_to_Close.Id , Id) > 80
Approval Process with the Predict Function on a Step

Predict Function with Process Builder:

Sample Function:

PREDICT( $SmartDataDiscovery.PredictionDefinitions.Predicted_Likelihood_to_Close.Id , [Opportunity].Id) < 60
Process Builder with Predict Function as a Criteria